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Here you will find some of the destinations we visit on private boat trips in Chania and info about some popular beaches in Chania.

Sailing Chania provides private boat trips in Chania with skipper in low prices. Visit some of the most popular beaches or explore the hidden and beautiful secrets of Crete.


Elafonissi beach is in the south-west of Chania and you reach it by car, bus or by boat. Blue and turquoise waters, white pinkish sand and the beautiful Natura 2000 protected area compose a landscape of unique beauty. It is organized with shallow and warm waters so is ideal for children although the most of the time is very crowded and not good when it is windy.

Falasarna on the west of Chania is one the best beaches in Greece and one of the top 10 in Europe. The long and wide organized beach with the white sand and crystal clear waters is very popular among locals but never too crowded. Because it is exposed to wind and the high waves the serfers prefer it.

The paradise of Balos lagoon and Gramvousa island is in the edge of Gramvousa peninsula north-west of Chania. Is the most popular beach in Crete and although it is isolated it is very crowded. You go there by boat or after driving on a dirt road and 20′ downhill walking. The turquoise waters, wild nature and exotic scenery make Balos the most photographed beach in Crete and cover for many tourist guides and magazines. Is a must visit in Chania.


Menies beach on the north-east of Rodopos peninsula and you can reach it by 4×4 from a long dirt road or by boat. The beach with pebbles and deep blue waters is usually protected by wind and waves. There are still some remains of ancient site of Diktynna and the very old monastery of St. George. The clear waters and the rich undersea makes it perfect for snorkeling and fishing. In the area nearby there are many coves and little private beaches. It is ideal for isolation and camping away from the crowd.

Thodorou Island, opposite Agia Marina beach. On the protected island there are many Cretan wild goats (kri-kri) and you can’t approach it but the sea is beautiful and usually calm. The costline of the island and the wreck of a german aircraft from ww2 are perfect places for snorkeling.

The Lazaretta islet, opposite Nea Hora beach. The island has a small sandy beach and is ideal for snorkeling and quick escapes from the city.

Kalathas beach, north-east of Chania town at Cape Akrotiri is a sandy organized beach with shallow waters. Opposite Kalathas there is a small island which you can easily reach by swimming.

Maherida, north of Tersanas is well protected from wind and almost always calm and not crowded. A seclusive little beach with white sand and clear turquoise waters.

Stavros beach north-east of Chania in the edge of Cape Akrotiri is an organized beach and famous from “Zorba the Greek” movie. A small bay with fine sand and shallow crystal clear waters under steep mountain. It is well protected and ideal for kids.

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